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Utilizing and Understanding Google® Analytics

OnDemand Webinar (58 minutes)

Understand the basics of Google® Analytics and learn tips, tricks and best practices to interpret your website.Do you need help understanding Google® Analytics? Not sure which are important, and which are just nice to know? If you answered yes, this information has been designed especially for you. This topic will help businesses understand Google® Analytics. There is a lot of information within the analytics data for your business. Google® expert, Peter Platt, from Accountable Digital, LLC will help you learn what is really important and what is nice to know. Learn how to hold your digital strategy accountable to your business goals by measuring the most important metrics for your business. Whether you want to boost sales, find more visitors or improve your mobile app, Google® Analytics has the answers and insights you need to improve your business. We'll also take a quick look at GA4 (Google Analytics' latest release and share what to expect in the transition).


Peter Platt, Accountable Digital, LLC


Google® Analytics Overview

• What Is It?

• What Are the Benefits?

• What Can You See?

Top Level Overview of the Key Sections (Audience, Acquisition, Behavior, Conversions)

Section by Section in Depth Review of the Data Available, Definitions and How to Interpret It

Dashboards for Quick Insights

Preview of GA4