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Understanding Self-Awareness and Emotional Intelligence

OnDemand Webinar (90 minutes)

Gain an understanding on self-awareness and emotional intelligence to help you and your team through difficult situations.Emotional intelligence is a general set of skills that can be applied to anyone and any environment. It describes the ability to understand one's own feelings. Emotionally intelligent people are self-aware and are alert to the verbal and nonverbal signals of others, ensuring that their communication skills and ability to build relationships are more effective. It also provides great insight on how emotion influences motivation and behavior. Developing self-awareness promotes increased productivity and higher job satisfaction. Understanding EI and mastering the skills involving emotional intelligence will greatly help you and your team in difficult situations. It has been shown that, emotional intelligence or EI, can be even more critical than the power of the cognitive brain usually measured with IQ. These changes can also lead to improved communication, increased empathy and better interpersonal rapport and relationships. This EI topic can pay huge dividends especially in situations where your teams are under stress due to deadlines, demanding clients or intense and unproductive meetings. In others words, if you want to succeed, you would be much better off working on your soft skills, empathy, communication skills, understanding others and so on than to become better only at a specific technical skill. This emotional intelligence material aims to familiarize you with EI as an introduction to the field.


Audrey Halpern, ARH Employee Training


Introduction to Emotional Intelligence

• What Is Emotional Intelligence and Why Should It Matter?

• Recognize Behaviors Associated With Emotional Intelligence

• The 12 Signs of Being Emotionally Intelligent


• What Is Emotion? How Does Emotional Hijacking Take Place?


• How to Take Advantage of the Power of Optimism?

• How to Manage Your Anger Effectively?


• How to Motivate Yourself?


• How to Have Empathic Communication With Others

Social Awareness

• How to Have Effective Group Interactions

• How to Listen Positively