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Microsoft® Excel® Essential Add-Ins

OnDemand Webinar (88 minutes)

Learn how to analyze your data further using Excel® add-ins.In today's busy world, we are overwhelmed with tons of data. More and more, our employers are asking for many different ways to interpret that data. The normal Excel® spreadsheet has many tools that can be very useful to help with your data needs. But they can only go so far. When you learn how to install and use some readily available Excel® add-ins, you will be able to do more analysis with your data including: exciting new charts, statistical analysis, maps, and much more.


Tom Fragale, The PC Guy, Inc.


Add-Ins on the Insert Menu

• How to Use Geographic Data to Create a Bing® Map

• How to Use Data to Create People Charts

• Other Add-Ins That Are Available

Excel® Add-Ins

• How to Use the Solver

• How to Use the Data Analysis Tools

Common Add-Ins

• Power Pivot

• Power Maps