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How to Detect Fraud

OnDemand Webinar (98 minutes)

Increase your knowledge surrounding the types of fraud, methods of detection and what to do when you suspect fraud.Fraud touches every size company, in every industry from Main Street to Wall Street. An internal control environment that prevents all fraud has yet to be invented and, until such a system is devised, prevention and early detection remain the best ways of minimizing the cost of fraud. This material increase your knowledge surrounding types of fraud, cost effective preventative controls, methods of detection, and what to do when you suspect fraud.


David Sumner, CPA, CFF, EisnerAmper LLP Nichole Griffin, EisnerAmper LLP


Background of Fraud

• Fraud Triangle

• Types of Fraud

• Characteristics of a Fraudster

Detecting/Preventing Financial Fraud

• Objectives of Financial Fraud

• Vulnerable Accounts

• Signs of Financial Fraud

Detecting/Preventing Asset Misappropriation

• Objectives of Asset Misappropriation

• Vulnerable Accounts

• Signs of Asset Misappropriation

Detecting/Preventing Corruption

• Objectives of Corruption

• Vulnerable Accounts

• Signs of Corruption

Best Practices When You Suspect Fraud

• Ignore at Your Own Peril

• Consult With Independent Parties to Help Assess

• Engage Experts/Counsel

• Understand Your Insurance Coverage

• Learn From the Experience