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Finding Fraud: What To Do Next

OnDemand Webinar (109 minutes)

Learn how to defend against fraud and take appropriate steps to respond when fraud occurs.Every year, organizations around the world lose billions of dollars in assets to fraud. Many CEOs and CFOs do not fully understand the fraud risks facing their organizations, which leaves them underprepared to defend against fraud and exposed to potentially debilitating losses. This topic will detail the elements of fraud, the warning signs of fraud, effective anti-fraud measures, and the importance of creating an environment which is resistant to fraud. This material will further provide detailed examples of the major fraud categories, corresponding fraud schemes, red flags of those schemes, and real world examples of those schemes. This content is critical for CEOs and CFOs to properly account for fraud risk, design systems of internal control to defend against fraud, and take appropriate steps to respond when fraud occurs.


Thomas Horne, CPA/CFF, CFE, LaPorte CPAs & Business Advisors


Fraud Demographics

• Who's at Risk?

• Who Commits Fraud?

• How Bad Can It Get?

Elements of Fraud

• Fraud Triangle

• Psychology of Fraud

• Common Trends

Common Schemes and Red Flags

• Asset Misappropriation

• Corruption

• Financial Statement Fraud

• Cyber Fraud

Anti-Fraud Measures

• Preventative Measures

• Proactive Measures

When Fraud Happens

• How to Respond

• Investigative Process

• Tread Carefully