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Communication Plan Essentials for Nonprofits

OnDemand Webinar (86 minutes)

Pick up best practices for connecting and engaging with constituents as well as the public.Many nonprofit organizations fail to recognize just how important it is to create a communication plan. As a nonprofit, time and money are often in short supply. Developing a strategy and creating a clear communication plan will protect time and money which will then allow your message and work to make a deeper impact. After all, everything your organization does should revolve around its message. This information will show you how to develop a strategy for all your communication needs and connect all your nonprofit communications with a polished approach. This topic teaches the persons responsible for a nonprofits communication how to create a template that details how to plan, launch, promote, recruit, and follow up. The material also explains how to create a communications calendar, establish brand consistency, identify what to do in the event of a crisis and how to respond appropriately, and is designed to teach a complete communication plan that will include a process for review, evaluation and adjustments for the future.


Katie Miller, Liberty Family Outreach



• Who What When of Your Communications Plan

• Create a Template-How to Plan, Launch, Promote, Recruit, Follow up

• Develop a Communications Calendar

Setting Goals That Motivate You and Your Team

• Keep in Touch: Set a Communications Goal-Inform, Update, Increase Followers/Customer Base,

• Learn the Best Tools for Your Voice: Learn How to Assimilate All the Tools Used to Share Your Message Together

• Creating a Multichannel Communication Approach

Brand Consistency

• Same Look, Feel and Message

• Familiarity and Trust

• Consistent Doesn'T Have to Be Identical

Crisis Mode

• Before the Crisis

• Issue or Crisis? Identifying the Difference

• What Is the Worst Thing That Could Happen?

• Prepare Your Team to Respond Appropriately

Review and Evaluation

• Did You Hit Your Initial Goal?

• How Did You Follow up?

• Reports

• Response From Target Audience

• Adjustments for the Future