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Land Trust Fundamentals

OnDemand Webinar (63 minutes)

Understanding the technical side of land trusts is crucial to ensuring your trust is tailored to your needs.Any person or corporation holding real property can protect their privacy and assets with a land trust. Land trusts are not required to be registered anywhere nor do they have to file tax returns. It is easy to avoid probate, transfer beneficiaries and link with other entities using a land trust. There are very few experts in this field. This presenter has been using land trusts for over 40 years and he will bring his practical down-to-earth knowledge and experience to this material. He will explain the many benefits of using a land trust for privacy, profits and asset protection.


Randy Hughes, Mr. Land Trust


How Is a Land Trust Different From a Living Trust?

How to Link Land Trusts With Other Entities (I.E. Corporations, LLC's and Other Trusts)

Revocable vs. Irrevocable?

What Happens When Your Trustee Dies?

How to Finance Property Held in a Land Trust

Can You Sell Property Held in a Land Trust Without Taking the Property out of the Trust?

How Do You Finance Property Held in a Land Trust?

Avoiding Re-Assessment, Transfer Tax, Due on Sale Clause and Public Knowledge of Sales Price

Using a Land Trust

Using a Land Trust as a Prenuptial Agreement/No Partition