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Financial Planning After Retirement: Coordinating the Retirement Plan with the Estate Plan

OnDemand Webinar (99 minutes)

Coordinating your financial plan with your estate plan is important to a successful and comfortable retirement.Many clients who are entering retirement either have a very outdated estate plan or no estate plan at all. When considering basic or advanced estate planning, most advisors and clients think of only estate taxes. Given the current estate tax exemption, estate taxes are a remote problem for most clients; however, planning for an estate is a complex process that should take into account, among other things, estate taxes, gifting, income tax planning, assets protection and the clients' family situation, regardless of wealth. The financial planning process is an essential part of estate planning. Integrated financial and estate planning can help the client navigate various estate-related decisions and wade through the myriad of planning options available to them and their families. Ultimately, financial planning helps provide the client with clarity around assets available for retirement, the impact of the estate-related decisions on the clients' ability to successfully retire, and the probability of successful family outcomes.


Steven Beck, J.D., CFP?, Argi Matt Watkins, J.D., LL.M., Argi


Current Conditions and What We Are Planning Toward

• Retirement Planning - When to Begin the Process

• Estate Planning - Environment Post-TCJA

• Importance of Flexibility

Goals-Based Financial Planning

• How to Start the Process/Conversation

• How Estate Planning Is Incorporated Into the Planning Process

Financial Projections

• Projections as the Backbone of Recommendations

• Specific Reports Utilized

• Impact of Projections on Estate Plan Recommendations

Basic Estate Planning Techniques

• Estate Tax Mitigation

• Income Tax Mitigation

• Techniques That Apply Regardless of Net Worth

Specific Issues

• Using Integrated Retirement and Estate Planning to Uncover Unique Issues