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Medicaid Eligibility and Estate Recovery: Estate Planning Techniques

OnDemand Webinar (91 minutes)

Learn estate planning strategies that will help better recognize your client's eligibility for Medicaid programs.After learning this information, you will be able to discuss and explain Medicaid eligibility and Medicaid planning strategies with clients who seek your advice and assistance. Topics include Medicaid eligibility, the different Medicaid programs, as well as Medicare Saving Programs. The material will include discussion of Medicaid planning strategies. This topic will help the attorney distinguish and determine which program best assists the client who has sought the attorney's recommendations, as well as planning strategies to assist in eligibility for different programs. You will be able to review the client's resources to assist the client with Medicaid eligibility, as well as assist potential clients with Medicaid Estate Recovery. The information necessary to give an appropriate response will be provided in this material.


Martha C. Brown, Martha C. Brown & Associates, LLC


Medicaid Eligibility

• Determining Eligibility for Medicaid

- Financial Eligibility

- Other Factors in Eligibility

• Medicaid Programs

- State Medicaid Eligibility

- Medicaid Eligibility for Children

- Medicaid Eligibility for Pregnant Women and Infants

- Medicaid Eligibility for Disabled Adults

- Medicaid Eligibility for Nursing Home Care

• Medicaid Eligibility for Medicare Beneficiaries

- Qualified Medicare Beneficiary Program

- Specified Low Income Medicare Beneficiary Program

- Qualified Individual Program

- Qualified Disabled and Working Individuals Program

Nursing Home Medicaid Planning Strategies

• Asset Planning Strategies

- Spend Down Excess Transfers

- Spousal Asset Transfers

- Annuities

- Irrevocable Trusts

- Promissory Notes

- Life Estates

- Half-A-Loaf Transfers

• Income Planning Strategies

- Qualified Income Trusts

- Name on the Check Rule

Medicaid Estate Recovery

• Estate Recovery and the Probate Process

• Liens on Real Estate (TEFRA Liens)

• Limitations on Estate Recovery

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