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Utilizing Excel® for Financial Analysis and Modeling

OnDemand Webinar (93 minutes)

Explore the business professionals' guide for using Microsoft® Excel® to create financial scenarios and models.There are many choices in financial software. Microsoft® Excel® is one of the best and most versatile financial decision-making tools available. This material demonstrates how to use the features in Excel® to build financial models. The topics discussed include how to use formulas, pie charts, functions, pivot tables and statistics to build financial models.


Jay R. Carlson,


What Is Financial Modeling?

• Definitions

- Wikipedia®

- Investopedia®

The Goal of Financial Modeling

Why Excel®?


• Formulas Overview

• Graphs Overview

• Statistics Overview

• Pivot Tables Overview

Demonstrations in Excel®

• Household Budget to Introduce Formulas and Pie Charts

• Calculations Using Financial Formulas in Excel®

- PMT Function

- CUMIPMT Function

- FV Function

• Creating Column Charts

• Statistics




• Pivot Tables

Lessons (I've) Learned