Seminar ID: 100694

Depreciation Methods, Lives, and Conventions

Presented By:
Bill Becker

Records Manager
Recordsforce, Inc.

You will Learn:

  • To assist those responsible for recording depreciation and amortization to understand the different methods and lives that apply to various asset classes.
  • Current bonus depreciation and Section 179 rules.
  • About depreciation elections, AMT depreciation, and special situations effecting automobiles and other listed property.

One of the more significant accounting issues companies face is the acquisition of capital assets. While the acquisition has an immediate impact on the business' operations, and most likely on its cash flow, it is the accounting professional's responsibility to make sure the assets are being properly depreciated. This 10 minute segment from our full on-demand webinar, "Navigating Form 4562: Your Complete Guide to Depreciation and Amortization," will walk through Depreciation Methods, Lives, and Conventions.