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Spotlight on Section 501(c)(3) Organizations

April 16, 2013

This 10-minute webinar focuses on the bright spotlight being placed on charitable, tax-exempt organizations by Congress, the Internal Revenue Service, state legislatures and charity officials, the media, and the tax-exempt organization sector itself. In this quick preview, we lay the foundation for IRS concerns on charity governance practices, we note current federal and state reform efforts, and we highlight recent examples of flawed governance practices.

Current Issues in Cost Segregation

April 16, 2013

In this 10-minute preview of our upcoming live audio conference, Current Issues in Cost Segregation, Greg Bryant gives a brief overview of why tax advisors need to know about cost segregation and its potential benefits and many applications. Gain a quick, basic understanding of cost segregation and the benefits of applying the strategy.

Estate Planning for Veterans: What Estate Planners Must Know

February 4, 2013

This 10 minute segment taken from our live upcoming audio conference on March 13, 2013 will show the problems, dangers and lost revenue to Estate Planning attorneys if they do not include VA Pension Planning in their planning as well as the opportunities available from proper use of this knowledge.

The New and Enhanced FBAR and FATCA Requirements

January 8, 2013

On the heels of the U.S. government's global crackdown on the use of secret foreign bank accounts, the IRS has recently imposed additional reporting requirements that will obligate U.S. taxpayers to annually disclose “specified foreign financial assets” when they file their personal income tax returns for 2011 and thereafter. The new foreign asset reporting rules, which are part of the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), signal a new era in foreign asset reporting by U.S. taxpayers, and significantly expand the disclosure requirements in scope and type well beyond what was previously required to be reported on the FBAR form. This 10-minute preview of our upcoming audio conference, "A Brave New World for U.S. Taxpayers with Foreign Assets: The New and Enhanced FBAR and FATCA Requirements," will explore the new FATCA foreign asset reporting rules and provide an update on the existing FBAR reporting regime for foreign bank accounts.

Related Party Transactions: Traps for the Unwary

November 26, 2012

The purpose of this webinar is to provide an overview of the definitional and operational provisions of Section 267, describing the types of relationships to which the anti-abuse provision applies as well as highlighting the other Code sections in which determining whether the taxpayers are “related” is essential.

Using Excel's Text Functions

July 12, 2012

A number of powerful Excel functions are categorized as Text functions and to the uninitiated Excel user, they are easily overlooked. Many of them provide quick, easy ways to control both the structure and appearance of worksheet data. Cleaning up your data is a prerequisite for efficient data analysis, and without these functions, you would be hard-pressed to accomplish these tasks. This 10-minute webinar gives you a quick look at how to use a few of these powerful functions.

Secrets to Successful Donor Events: Turning Event Donors into Evangelists

July 9, 2012

Watch this 10-minute webinar to gain helpful insights into the planning process required to stage successful donor recognition/appreciation events. You will learn the techniques and rationale for hosting events and what types of outcomes you can expect. This webinar also explains the negative impact of inadequate planning or overlooking the myriad details involved in staging successful events.

Top 10 Tips for Successful Non-Profit Fundraising

February 27, 2012

Tom Wilson will share his Top 10 Tips for Successful Non-Profit Fundraising in this 30-minute webinar. You can apply his ideas to your annual giving program, a special project fundraising effort, your next gala, or your upcoming capital campaign. Times are tough yet donors are still generous to causes they believe in. Use these concepts to raise more money to meet the critical needs in your community.

Developing a Sales Tax Strategy That Could Produce a Return on Investment

February 22, 2012

State budget shortfalls have lead to increasing legislation and enforcement of sales and use tax. Watch to this 30-minute webinar addressing the current issues in sales and use tax audits because your company can not afford to be out of compliance.

FASB Accounting: Standards Codification

February 14, 2012

Watch this free 30-minute webinar and learn to understand and confidently navigate the FASB Accounting Standards Codification that replaced FASB, AIPCPA, EITF and other literature. The Codification now provides a single authoritative source for GAAP standards - simplifying your research process!

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