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Tax Forms Workshop in New Mexico

Immediate online access to this 138 page manual.
Copyright 2014
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Federal tax forms made simple. What you need to know to survive.

Join your peers for an information-packed seminar that covers a collection of tax forms relevant to your company or clients. Keep your risks to a minimum and compliance to a maximum with an updated knowledge of federal tax reporting guidelines and regulations.

Join Earl Collison as he guides you through various tax forms and what you need to keep your business audit-ready and in compliance. This seminar will cover multiple forms from Form 1099 to W-2. This seminar will also cover recent updates and current legislation to ensure you are up-to-date on reporting requirements. Gain a competitive advantage - register today.

Benefits for You
- Increase your filing savvy and avoid late filing and failure to file penalties;
- Know your tax obligations and keep your organization audit-ready;
- Save time and hassle using tips on complying with reporting requirements;
- Get tips on correctly completing many forms you use on a daily basis


Earl Collison, Barraclough & Associates, P.C.