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Sales and Use Tax in Indiana and Kentucky

Immediate online access to this 146 page manual.
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Multistate sales and use tax made simple: find out what you need to know to survive.

You can avoid crippling fines and make tax audits manageable with an updated knowledge of multistate sales and use tax rules and regulations. Purchase these reference materials provided by professionals who make tax compliance their business.

Purchase these reference materials and understand the multistate sales and use tax complexities that confound many business owners. You will find out what's taxable, the best way to handle nexus issues and how to survive audits. Don't end up with the penalties and interest that are so dangerous for your budget in this volatile economy - order today!

Benefits for You
•Know your sales tax obligations and keep your organization audit-ready
•Get ahead in your field ... properly handle industry-specific issues
•Learn easy ways for determining what's taxable and what's exempt
•Handle audits confidently and cost-effectively using expert strategies


Jeff Greene, J.D., CMI, Jeff Greene Transaction Tax Attorney LLC
Steven Lenarz, Attorney at Law