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Unclaimed Property Reporting in Georgia: Audits, Compliance and Recovery

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Unclaimed property - what's it all about? Find out how to comply with Georgia laws and prevent costly audits.

How does your company account for uncashed payroll and accounts payable checks? How does your company handle aged customer credits? Do you have unclaimed dividends, gift certificates or unidentified remittances that have not been claimed by the owner? These items may represent unclaimed property liability.
As states struggle to meet their annual fiscal responsibilities, unclaimed property has risen as a popular avenue for increasing revenue stream. Unclaimed property touches all industries, company sizes and locations. Compliance is a hot topic - therefore, it's critical for your company's financial well-being to make sure you're in full compliance with state unclaimed property laws. Attend this seminar and get an extensive overview of all aspects of unclaimed property. Don't miss this timely opportunity to learn about the obligations and current issues companies are facing.

Benefits for You
- Find out what unclaimed property is and how it affects your business
- Avoid the financial risks of not complying with unclaimed property reporting laws
- Tips on maintaining records and keeping up with changes in requirements
- Learn how to prevent - or survive a state or third-party audit


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