Keep the Donations Coming in Long after the Holiday Season

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December 10, 2013 — 1,969 views  
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The holidays are the perfect time to celebrate as families come together. Every holiday season exemplifies the spirit of giving and receiving, some more than others. The end of the year, during Thanksgiving and Christmas especially, are holidays that seasons are particularly noted for the spirit of giving that they bring along with them. Charities that rely mainly on donations see their biggest incomes at this time of the year. Certain charitable organizations such as food banks have a great spike in the number of volunteers and donations that come in during this time. The numbers become so large that some volunteers are even turned away.

Recognizing why Donations Rise During the Holidays

The reason that donations may rise up and reach an altogether different level during the holiday season, is partly because people are thinking about how they can get those end of the year tax deductions. It is also true that the holiday season’s spirit of donating is much greater than any other time around the year; however, it is also true that this holiday spirit can be made use of in a more lasting way as well. This time of the year when people have a greater urge and spirit to donate, if handled right, can be utilized as a recruitment tool that brings in post-holiday donations and charity throughout the year.

Using the Holiday Season to Ensure Year Round Benefits

In the case of some charitable organizations, the donations received during holiday seasons are enough to last them the year round. This large scale collection that can be adequate for the entire year is greatly beneficial to keep such charities on their feet throughout the year. However, the number of such charities is not great. Most charities find it difficult and are setback as their donators forget that these charities need to run all throughout the year. Food donated during the holidays cannot feed poor mouths throughout the year.

Making correct use of the holiday giving season can ensure that a charity receives much needed help all year round. A large number of people involve themselves in charities during the holidays. Making use of this holiday giving spirit and interest that people tend to show at this time, to be able to form a relationship and create a bond with these volunteers/donators is very beneficial. The challenges faced to keep people involved after the holidays is overcome by better and holistic involvement during the holidays. The interest that is shown during the holidays can be used as a starting point where conversations may be made and these holiday volunteers can be made to understand how they can and why they should help all year round.

This season is best used when it is made into an introduction for people to help. Curiosity can be built and emotions touched so people step out and seek more opportunities where they can help throughout the rest of the year. Educating people during this time to make them more socially conscious and aware of the situation that charities are in through the year, can be the appeal needed to get more help all year round. Donations have a huge rise throughout the holidays. Personal interactions with donators and giving them a chance to see how exactly their donations are helping can be the pull that helps you get more assistance throughout the year.

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