Nonprofits Going Digital

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July 16, 2013 — 1,757 views  
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Technology has certainly changed how nonprofits are operating today. The emergence of new media facilitated by the ever growing reach of the internet has made many a nonprofit endeavor successful. The use of technology in all likelihood will increase manifold in this sector in the times to come.

How Nonprofit Organizations are making the Most of Technology

Technological advancements have benefited each and every aspect of our lives. Their role in establishing a nonprofit organization in the social fold has multiplied in the recent years with such innovation in fields like photography, motion capture, animation and new media, etc. Nonprofit organizations today are the beneficiaries of having access to these technological marvels with which they can create content in so many spectrums.

Employing the right technology for the job has thus, become an important management decision for these organizations.

The best cameras are being used by these organizations today to produce features, documentaries, photo-shoots, and more which support their establishment. Computers are being used to design comprehensive advertising campaigns incorporating the very best from the outputs received from still and video camerawork. These are being shared through CD’s, DVD’s, and USB drives and also on the internet to facilitate distribution at unprecedented levels.

Management with Technology

The management of nonprofits has become much easier with the advent of the internet. Internet based fund transfers are helping them generate funds from all around the world. The internet is also helping them communicate with these patrons from abroad.

Other logistical activities of nonprofits such as material allocation, shipping, volunteer management, inventory database management and tracking the progress of their members etc. are being carried out through computers and the internet.

Nonprofits today are spreading the word on the internet using social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter etc. for reaching out to its target audience and potentially generating a huge viral audience.

The same goes for using audio visual means. It is a well-known fact that the audio-visual means are the most appealing and potent form of mass communication. Themed Documentaries, celebrity endorsed TV ads, and viral YouTube videos are a part of this trend being employed by modern nonprofits.

Digital Traps

Internet activities of nonprofits are often heavily screened by the public. So, any form of communication on the nonprofit’s behalf which the society would not be willing to accept can hamper their reputation. Similarly, the internet is a massive platform for expression of liberal views and many a time we encounter discussions questioning the credibility of such organizations.

If public scrutiny was not a hindrance enough, the perils of cybercrime can be devastating for nonprofits. These organizations are often transacting a lot of money over the internet which makes them susceptible to hacking, phishing mails etc. Cybercrime can cause huge revenue losses for nonprofits hence caution is to be exercised at all times.

Lastly, nonprofits today tend to over-rely on computers for saving crucial information. Physical damage to these computers can result in permanent data loss which is potentially devastating for any organization.

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