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June 20, 2013 — 1,535 views  
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Nonprofit organizations undertake diverse activities and employ different strategies to highlight the work they do. Among the different strategies, they also use nonprofit marketing online strategies to call for volunteers and donations. The digital marketing activities used by them include media campaign, creation of copy, slogans, and logos to attract audience, volunteers, as well as donations.

Nonprofit Marketing Strategies

There is a well-designed pattern in nonprofit marketing. Apart from traditional marketing, nonprofit marketing online is becoming a popular method for nonprofits companies.

The first step is to identify your target market, their demographics, and general characteristics so as to effectively market with them. It is important to identify the communication method that will work with them based on their demographics and general characteristics. Some of the methods that a typical nonprofit employs include fund raising events, social networking, and traditional advertising. In addition, there are several nonprofit online marketing strategies such social marketing, emails, and websites.

The methods used are typically those that fit demographic profiles. For instance, social networking is an excellent tool with young adults, while traditional advertising and direct mail may ideally be applied to target middle-aged, high income groups.

In addition, it helps when a nonprofit creates alliances. For instance, if they create an alliance with grocery store chains, their friends and donors will get cards which ensure that a percentage of their purchase goes to the nonprofit. There are nonprofit marketing online strategies such creation of instant online donation buttons within their websites and social media profiles. 

It is important to let people, who have donated their time and money, know how they are helping the cause. Their efforts can be highlighted by showing their videos, photos, and testimonials. This will also motivate others to donate.

Constraints for Nonprofit Marketing Strategies

There are occasions when a nonprofit can experience marketing constraints. A major constraint for them is the lack of measurable parameters to judge their performance. In contrast to for-profit organizations, a nonprofit focuses on non-financial goals. While a for-profit can measure their profit, repeat customers, and increase sales, an NPO working for disaster relief or social services has no mathematical or scientific tool to quantify success. For instance, for Red Cross, the measure of its success would be the number of lives saved rather than funds raised. 

In addition, the nonprofit also faces financial constraints. They must use the surplus revenue to meet their goals rather than distribute dividends or profit. Their generation as well as the creation of surplus revenue is constrained. In addition, they have to rely heavily on donations. Other than budgetary constraints, they are also constrained by resources and staff crunch.   

In many countries, a nonprofit faces formation challenges. Their management is regulated by a slew of laws. They must comply with these laws including corporate governance requirements. Their financial reports including expenditure and income must be made public. So, the legal environment can impact nonprofit marketing online strategies, and must be carefully considered.

It is evident that a nonprofit faces a large number of challenges in its implementation of nonprofit marketing online strategies. Although there are popular digital marketing strategies that they must utilize to generate audience and funding for their cause, there are going to be challenges and constraints. For instance, some of the challenges usually faced by them include marketing and financial challenges, apart from management constraints.

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