Creating the Ideal Nonprofit Annual Report

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June 11, 2013 — 1,587 views  
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Companies create their annual reports--But the trend of reporting financials and list of donors are being replaced with the creation of the nonprofit annual reports because it makes a more powerful impact. Some companies call them impact reports that focus on results and programs. It’s not just the title, but the content too, that identifies what matters most.

Producing Better Nonprofit Annual Reports

There is a way in which a nonprofit can prepare its ideal annual report. There can be annual reports about their year round work performance. Alternatively, reports can be about various activities the organization has undertaken. The reports are designed to highlight expertise on matters they are familiar with so as to attract the attention of the government and the press. Some prominent nonprofit reports include CREW annual report on increased payments by pay day lenders to lobbyists, and Amnesty International report on water rights and housing in Slovenia for Roma communities among several other examples.

Ways to Create the Ideal Nonprofit Annual Report

Here are some ways to create an ideal nonprofit annual report:

  • Create an impact – Impact comes from content. If the content highlights the area of expertise where considerable accomplishments have been achieved, it will make an impact on the government, press, and readers.
  • Highlight the impact frequently – If the report with special focus on areas of impact is published more frequently, bi-annually or quarterly, the message will go deeper and will reach a larger audience.
  • Send a mail to everyone – If a nonprofit annual, bi-annual, or quarterly report is sent to everyone, it’s bound to make an impact. People do not receive posts these days, and they would love to read what comes in posts.
  • The power of multi-format – When reports are presented in multiple formats such as video, pdf, microsite, mobile friendly, and interactive digital formats they appeal to diverse segments of readers and make a larger impact.
  • A nice landing page – A nice landing page is a good introduction and summary of the report. It can include highlights and a summary along with links to different parts of the report.
  • Diverse content formats – If a nonprofit annual report is presented in different formats such as short versions, quotes from the reports, and letter of the president separately in different formats including photo galleries, you are going to make a great impact.
  • Create infographics – Infographics help to create messages that make an impact. They convey a lot more within the limited space. Infographics within the annual report will easily convey the information meant to be spread across.

It is important not to cheat on pages to save printing cost. It is also advised to prune the donor list to include the top donors and add a timeline identifying your accomplishments. These strategies are designed to make a great nonprofit annual report that also makes a huge impact. 

For a nonprofit, its annual report can be a great tool to highlight accomplishments in areas of their expertise. However, this tool needs to be used wisely to promote the company. There are certain ways that can be put into use to achieve this goal so as to create an ideal report in diverse formats to be disseminated to diverse audience.

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