How Can a Blog Help Your Nonprofit Organization?

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January 8, 2013 — 1,514 views  
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Non-profit organizations or NGOs as they are simply called, aim at helping small communities that do not have the requisite funds or materials to meet their daily needs. NGOs deliver services and programs to the residents of specific communities at affordable prices, or for free in some cases. If you own an NGO, profits will be the least of your interests. However, it is essential for board members, directors, and CEOs of non-profit firms to pay ample attention to the way in which the organization is marketed. Efficient and effective marketing forms a crucial part of any business, and NGOs are no exception to this.

Nonprofit Blogs – A Marketing Tool

Blogging has evolved as an important marketing tool for businesses in recent times. Almost every major company has a blog that promotes their products or services and reaches out to their market. Not only can business owners disclose facts on blogs, but even consumers can use them as a platform to express their opinions on a certain product or service. Nonprofit blogs are of great importance to NGOs, as they help firms expand their horizons and better understand the needs of the society before meeting them.

Benefits of Nonprofit Blogs

The main advantage of a nonprofit blog is that it enables you (business owner or manager) to establish a deep relationship with the consumers. They can find relevant and fresh content that can then be expressed on your blog, thereby making them feel important and heard. The blog can act as a tool that develops and improves valuable ventures with other NGOs. Blogs have an aesthetic appeal that displays social proof. New visitors can be attracted on a regular basis using nonprofit blogs.

The popular search engine, Google, will highlight your NGO’s blog in its search results page when people key in related searches. Static and traditional websites are not as useful as blogs when it comes to squeezing the juice out of search engines! Since Google is so widely used, setting up a blog can help you find many more consumers in a relatively short period of time, more so because you can promote your blog in social media and various blogging networks.

Regular blogging will help writers get better at the art and will help your executives learn how to express their thoughts with a more humane touch. While other marketing strategies help you gain plenty of business, they can be dumped in favor of a blog, as blogs provide a clear insight into the actual reasons for your business. In additions, you can also list why your organization receives money from donors, and share information with your consumers.

Nonprofit blogs are not aimed at making a profit. Hence, consumers already know that it’s not a scam. This will help you experience an increase not only in how many people visit it, but also in the depth that your consumers engage with you. Blogs can be of great benefits to board members as well. They can discuss their love for the organization and rekindle their sense of mission.       

For the several benefits that they offer, nonprofit blogs can significantly promote your NGO and help it grow, so if you haven’t created one just yet, the time to do so is now!

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