5 Tips for Obtaining Major Gift Donors

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October 11, 2012 — 1,373 views  
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5 Tips for Obtaining Major Gift Donors

When it comes to successful fundraising, businesses should strive to gain major gift donors. Their gifts can be the answer to funding important programs, and they can also help solidify businesses' financial bases. Many financial experts testify that gaining major gifts helps businesses gain high return rates on their investments, especially when compared to hosting special events. With so many benefits gained from obtaining these types of gifts, why don't all businesses implement their own major gift programs? Many times, it is because these businesses don't know how to go about obtaining such gifts. Below are some excellent tips that all businesses can use to help carry out their very own major gift programs. 

Tip #1

Develop a Team

The first thing a business can do to obtain a major gift is to develop a major gifts administrative team. In doing so, businesses can expand their contact list. Great ways to build an effective team is to create defined job roles; these roles should include a president, vice president, managers, and other important workers. 

Tip #2

Identify Prospects
In order to obtain major gift donations, businesses must identify who they want to gain them from. By working with a small number of potential prospects, businesses can more thoroughly work with them and increase their chances of getting them to make donations. A great way to narrow down a list of potential donators is to rate prospects on their financial capability as well as their affinity for the program needing donations. 

Tip #3

Take Your Time

Businesses should never rush through the process of gaining major gift donations. Donators don't want to feel rushed, and if they do, many times, they back out of giving businesses their gifts.

Tip #4

Be Prepared

No matter what type of gift is being sought, it is pertinent that businesses prepare themselves to sell their proposals. Businesses should always develop a clear and concise case as well as one that is compelling. Furthermore, it is important to rehearse the proposal that will be presented. 

Tip #5 

Give the Proposal

While giving the proposal, businesses should not only be enthusiastic, but they should also be passionate. Passion helps prospect donators understand the importance of entering into a relationship with the businesses asking for major gifts. Also, after asking donators for gifts, businesses must make sure to follow-up with them. Since many prospect donators will not immediately make a decision, follow-ups can be just as crucial as the proposals. 



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