Motivate Volunteers with Hands-On Training Programs

April 10, 2012 — 1,342 views  
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A nonprofit can only go so far without enthusiastic volunteers. These workers may support your organization in various capacities, but finding the best way to motivate volunteers can be a challenge for many nonprofits. Consider these tips for developing hands-on training programs to motivate current volunteers and find new ones.

Positive feedback is the ultimate motivational tool, because it allows you to reinforce your organization's goals while improving your outreach. Many nonprofits operate on limited budgets, but random acts of kindness can help motivate volunteers. For instance, writing a thank you note to a volunteer or hosting a pizza party to show your appreciation for their hard work can bring out the best in your staff.

Awards can also help motivate volunteers, offering them an opportunity to be recognized for their achievements within the organization. Setting up a volunteer of the month award is a great way to honor your top workers, and allows volunteers to receive praise from their supervisors and their peers.

Additionally, you can send your volunteers to conferences, conventions and other events to promote your nonprofit's mission. These public gatherings allow volunteers to represent your organization, which can boost their confidence. Sending these workers as delegates on your behalf allows them to spread your nonprofit's message, and can help attract new talent as well.