Charity Websites Can Provide Ease of Use to Attract Visitors

April 6, 2012 — 1,407 views  
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Charity websites seek ways to attract donors, and providing a user-friendly website is an ideal option. However, finding the best design to help a visitor maximize their experience can be challenging, but these tips can serve as a guide to build the perfect site for your nonprofit.

Creating a donor-accessible site will make it easy for people to understand what your nonprofit does and how they can contribute. No one wants to deal with navigation problems on your site, so you can set up a special banner or button to make exploring the content as easy as possible. Additionally, offering visitors a simple method to make donations will help users avoid browser and connectivity issues. You can offer credit card and e-check donation options, or provide a single-page PDF people can download.

Media can be your best friend or worst enemy, so be careful about the content you decide to use. For example, a nonprofit that promotes ecological education may include photographs of children, plants and wildlife to attract visitors.

However, consider the user and the legal ramifications when using images like these. Review the images to ensure they are high-quality pictures, and make sure you have permission to use this content before adding them to your site.

Consider these tips to create a high-quality website for your organization.