Five Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofits

March 28, 2012 — 1,353 views  
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Nonprofits that want to achieve their goals often rely on fundraising to bolster their budgets. However, enticing people into donating to an organization can be difficult, so fundraisers need to be exciting and innovative. Here are five fundraising ideas for nonprofits.

1.) Individual contributions. Nonprofits may want to call people directly to promote their ideals and causes. Offering a donor an incentive to submit money can be an effective way to raise money and build a relationship with a community member.

2.) Special events. In some cases, holding a special event like a bake sale or a marathon can generate donations. Nonprofits need to advertise the idea and wait to see if people catch on and become interested in helping out fellow community members.

3.) Outdoor gatherings. Nonprofits may want to, instead of holding an indoor event, host a day of outdoor activities. Instead of actively pursuing donations, the agency can acclimate itself with the community and build recognition and local pride. This type of interaction may help fundraising efforts down the line.

4.) Network. Fundraisers may want to partner with other local organizations to generate donations. Group efforts are effective in appealing to a wider demographic and help nonprofits spread awareness easily.

5.) Social media. Organizations can create social media accounts and promote their work online. Social media reaches people all across the world, so a local nonprofit may be able to receive donations made by people who are several hundred miles away.