A Fundraising Newsletter May Generate More Donations

March 16, 2012 — 1,413 views  
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If you manage a non profit organization and want to improve your fundraising efforts, you may want to see how a carefully crafted newsletter can increase donation rates. Similar to how direct mail marketing can improve the profits of for-profit merchants, non profits can use the United States Postal Service (USPS) for their fundraising gain.

A newsletter, whether it is used for sales or donation purposes, needs to grab readers' attention immediately. If the opening sentence does not present an issue that demands attention, readers may toss the newsletter aside. Like with any newspaper or magazine, the headline and lead should be resonating and hard to ignore.

From there, you should clearly outline the issue and explain why you are raising money in the first place. If you go too long without introducing the point of the mailing, readers may grow tired and lose interest in the piece. Professionals can often garner donations in the introductory paragraph of a newsletter by tugging on the heart strings of readers.

However, many writers fail to provide ample calls to action within a fundraising newsletter. While introducing an issue is important, explaining how the reader can make a difference by donating money is paramount. If readers aren't urged to support the cause, the mailing won't be successful.

Non profits that want to increase their fundraising efforts may want to approach newsletters in the same way an advertising firm would approach a sales pitch - they work in much the same way.