How To Make An Effective Fundraising Sales Script

Daniel Barnett Hatcher
January 10, 2012 — 1,613 views  
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In every sales fundraising campaign that you want to organize, you need to make sure that you prepare a good sales script for your sales volunteers. Sales scripts help your volunteers to be more effective in the selling process and at the same time making sure that they can easily encourage people to buy their products. Without a good sales script at hand, your fundraising members would struggle in selling their fundraising products since you cannot force your customers to buy your goods; you need to give them a good reason why purchasing your products is worth every penny.

In making a good fundraising sales script, you need to understand first what a sales script is and what benefits are there in using them. A sales script is just a sequence of words or paragraphs used by salespeople all around the world that would help them make sales. Your script must also make sense and understandable so that your customers will know what you are offering and how good your products are for them. Most people will not buy products that they think is not worth it so make sure that you give them more than enough reason why they should buy your merchandise. Since you are doing a sales fundraiser and not selling for personal gain, the most recommended theme for your sales script would be how they can help other people by buying your fundraising goods. Even though they might think that your products are not appealing enough for them, the reason behind your efforts would be enough for them to help you out. When people know that what they are doing will generally benefit a lot of people, chances are they are going to buy from you anyway.

Another way to make your sales script powerful is to do research about your customers' preferences. For example, if you want to organize a cookie dough fundraiser you need to look into what kind of specific cookie dough product they prefer the most so that you will learn what sell them. This would give you a good insight on what brand is the most appealing to your customers and use this knowledge in looking for a good supplier that sells those products at lower prices. It is also important to take note of the prices of your products so that you can sell them affordably to your potential customers. After you have successfully taken note of what kind of products they prefer, the next thing that you need to take a look into is the product's specific strong point. Are your products more affordable than others? Are they more delicious? Do they come in a wide variety of flavors? You need to present these to your customers in order for your script to become more powerful and effective.

Another important tip that you must learn in making a script is how to use the word "because". This word creates a powerful need especially for fundraising projects since this implies that your customer's support will generally help the whole campaign. Make sure to always limit your sales script in 2 to 3 sentences so that your customers will not get bored hearing you out.


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