Crazy Train July 09

John S
August 3, 2009 — 1,501 views  
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All Aboard the crazy train, that we call July 09′ People! As most hang for their dear life we look back at what has been a very interesting and important month.

As we say 'Adios' to July and head into what seems to be a 'undaunted' August Let us reminisce on the good times (allegedly) that were.

* S&P Gain for the month: 7.39% * S&P Gain for 2009 thus far: 9.29% * U.S. Dollar Hit a fresh new low (hmmm no surprise here) * More News anchor cheer leaders giving their interpretations on things (oh Brother!)

Wow, what a big crazy train we have had... are you one of the ones still hanging on to the crazy train? Hmmm

The markets continue to amaze many people (myself included) but when you look at the cold hard facts, we see that if this rally continues through to next Friday, "it will equal the length of the 1929, 1930 bounce - which also took back 48 percent. We'll see if there are further parallels, or if this rally will go off on its own.

I am a firm believer in that good old saying of 'history repeating itself', but this crazy train running express and without stops, but will eventually run out of steam.

All the same time we see these these preachers of POSITIVITY continue to sprinkle the magical fairy dust of good tidings to all. The truth is that it is actually working, which I think is a sad thing.

I seem to be getting about 20 or so emails a day from our fans saying that things are getting better and think we are out of a recession. If you are one of these people, I would ask you to go back and read our other previous posts.

If you do this you will probably realize, that I too was once in their position, but now I am happy to lift the dark tinted sunglasses from over their eyes. It's the main purpose of this blog anyways!! I feel like I am in a smaller carriage contraption following closely behind the crazy train, and picking up the people unfortunately unable to hold on and who fall off.

There seems to be a lot of people not even knowing what to think. But If you look at the truth to what is really going on, its looking very ugly. In the short term, the grim reaper is really breathing down our neck, you just can't see him at the moment.

Later on, when he rears his ugly head you don't want to be in front of him, when he starts swinging his sickle.

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