5 Ways to Make the Busy Tax Season Less Stressful

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January 7, 2013 — 1,739 views  
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The tax season can be quite a busy one for accounting employees. As the work load on one increase, naturally the stress levels also take a huge jump. Increased stress levels not only decreases the work productivity, but also leads to the development of many health issues.

In such a situation, it is recommended that one adopts some relief measures to combat the unwanted stress. Given below are 5 ways which you can follow to make the busy tax season less stressful.

Prioritize your Tasks

In order to reduce work from piling up during the tax season, you should prioritize and organize your duties well before hand. There may be many time-consuming and relatively unimportant tasks that can consume a good part of your day. Such tasks should be given the least priority and you should focus on the more important and immediate requirements of your company and clients. You can pass on tasks of low priority to your subordinates and focus on the work which needs your prime attention. If you are working on one particular tax return, then complete it first. Jumping from one incomplete task to another is not at all a recommended practice.

Set Deadlines

As an accounting professional, you should learn to manage the deadlines of your clients in a tactful way. Do set the deadlines in such way that these are separate for each client. You should also schedule your clients in such a way that you have enough time to complete their files, which should be a couple of days before filing the tax returns. This will reduce the chances of occurrence of unwanted crisis at the last minute. Also, avoid working till the late hours of the night, on the files of clients who do not provide the required data on time.

Manage your Clients

It is advised for an accounting professional to give importance to clients, who provide data on time, and work on their files first. In case the client doesn’t hand over a requested data within the specific time period, then do file an extension. You should also take care to avoid clients who are not profitable for your company. Clients who never hand over their information on time and who are not profitable are sure to increase your work stress levels. Hence, it is recommended that you get rid of such clients, well before the beginning of the busy tax season.

Organize your Office

Working in an untidy and unorganized office will definitely affect your productivity and will leave you stressed out. Your stress levels are bound to increase if you can’t find the client’s file in time or if you are unable to attend a call. So, it will be better if you maintain your office in a neat and organized manner. Hiring a personal assistant to help you out with office work is also recommended. You can also come to your office a bit earlier to organize your work and chalk out plans for the day.

Take Breaks in Between

Long and continuous hours of work will leave you stressed out and tired. Hence, it is advised that you take a short break in between your work and just relax by sitting back simply or by walking around.

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