Generating New Business with LinkedIn

May 14, 2012 — 1,643 views  
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A Certified Public Accountant (CPA) firm seeking to generate business may wish to use one of the newest and most-affordable methods quickly becoming an industry standard – social media. More specifically, LinkedIn provides a user or organization with the ideal opportunity to express an overall message and generate conversations between clients, competitors, industry experts and employees.

As a result, a business may wish to have its marketing department or public relations team handle the details of setting up a profile and generating content on a regular basis.

Here are three suggestions to consider when using LinkedIn to generate business for a CPA organization:

1. Find or create groups. This tool provides users the perfect opportunity to network with like-minded people. For example, create a group and start asking questions and developing a rapport with other organizations on the social media site to craft the beginnings of a relationship.

2. Friend clients. Create a digital link between two businesses by becoming friends on LinkedIn. Then indicate the status of the relationship, such as current client. Once that is complete, consider sending a request for a recommendation from the customer if you're certain it will contain positive feedback.

3. Link LinkedIn to your company website. Increase the traffic to and from the company website to the organization’s LinkedIn profile by linking it to your website with easy-to-find social media buttons.