Three Marketing Tips for CPAs

April 23, 2012 — 1,574 views  
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Certified Public Accountant (CPA) firms dedicated to increasing the success of a business can use strategic marketing campaigns to obtain new customers and remain in the minds of current clients. Agencies with set and strategic plans firmly in place are more likely to succeed in the modern market. Therefore, it is important to craft a sound marketing campaign.

Here are three marketing tips for CPAs: 

1. Conduct customer satisfaction surveys. Researching the needs of the client can provide a CPA with the accurate data he needs to make informed decisions on services offered.

2. Hold informative team meetings. According to CPATrendLines, only 28 percent of CPA firms meet regularly to check their progress against their strategic plan. However, those that do are 15 times more likely to be successful. So, once a firm plan of action to market the company has been created, consider holding meetings with a set agenda to efficiently use time.

3. Target your market. Every CPA firm should have a target audience in mind to direct services toward to increase the success of marketing campaigns. Research the demographic and tailor materials to attract the greatest attention.