Five Stress Management Tips for CPAs

April 9, 2012 — 1,817 views  
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From the end of January until April 15th, certified public accountants (CPAs) face a significant increase in their workload. Therefore, tax season stress management is key to maintain one’s composure and health.

Here are five stress management tips a CPA may wish to incorporate:

1. Meditate. The repetitive motion of breathing in and out without consciously thinking can help reduce a CPAs stress level. Trying it for 5 to 10 minutes a day could result in drastically less stress.

2. Schedule worry-free time. While there are numerous tasks that must be accomplished immediately during tax season, scheduling time alone can make you feel more in control of your life.

3. Confide in a friend. Talking about stress to a safe and reliable person can improve one's outlook by letting fears, stress and anxiety out in the open. By having a designated individual to talk to (with their permission), a CPA can reduce the chance of complaining too much to everyone around them and decrease the chance of bottling emotions.

4. Exercise. Simply taking a walk or other cardio exercise can reduce tension, provide an outlet for stress and release endorphins to buoy the spirit.

5. Keep a journal. This time-honored practice isn’t just for teenage girls. Famous men throughout history such as Nathanial Hawthorne, George Washington and Benjamin Franklin all benefited from the clarity a journal can provide. Writing out thoughts and concerns can drastically reduce a CPA’s stress level.