Five Time Management Tips

March 15, 2012 — 1,525 views  
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Many people have trouble with time management. To help avoid this problem, consider practicing a few of these tips while at work and enjoy the benefits of staying on task.

1. Get an appointment book - Entrepreneur Magazine makes a good point about why you should ditch the to-do list and get an appointment book instead. This way, you could schedule these tasks during different appointments for yourself. Higher priority tasks will get a longer appointment with you.

2. Remove distractions - Are you constantly checking your Facebook page and Twitter account? This could be wasting a good amount of your time. Remove yourself from these distractions and put your time and energy toward the important aspects of your day.

3. Do everything for ten minutes - If you are dreading a particular task, just commit to doing it for ten minutes. This may be enough to get it done and you could find it easier than you expected.

4. Do quality work the first time - If it takes a little extra time to do quality work, it will be worth it if you end up spending less time later fixing errors and revising, suggests Mayo Clinic.

5. Get enough sleep, eat right - Mayo Clinic says having energy due to being well-rested will help you stay focused and improve your efficiency.