Secure Shredding??? My Stuff's for sale on eBay! Help!

Charlotte Kuhn
April 3, 2008 — 1,537 views  
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Identify theft, documents damaging to your client or things you don’t want others to see. Imagine your surprise when you see those documents for sale on e-bay. How did it happen? You lost the chain of ownership to the documents. Scenario one you hire a company to bring bins to your site. The bins are not locked. The bins are not picked up till the end of the day; the bins are moved from the floor to a warehouse to be shredded. The bins sit at the warehouse. All of the above open you up to non secure shredding. It gives the employees, workers at the warehouse, etc. the chance to dumpster dive. Scenario two you hire a company to bring bins to the warehouse where you have inactive record storage. The bins now have locks. The stuff is thrown in the bins and locked once the bin is full. The bins still sit at the warehouse till the shredding service has an empty truck. The truck then takes the locked bins to the shredding site where they sit another two weeks. The paper is finally shredded. Only one person is in the shredding facility and has keys to all the bins. There is no camera on the worker. Dumpster diving again. Scenario three you have a black box at your site you use for secure shredding. It is cleaned out once a week. The canvas bag inside is locked. The employee has to sign that he brought a new bag. The bag is removed and the employee takes it to his truck for shredding on the dock at the company. No dumpster diving but room for concern as the driver drives alone and has no one watching him as he shreds dockside. Scenario four you have a secure shredder who has national certifications. Locked barrels are delivered and signed for by the warehouse. As destruction continues barrels are locked and picked up daily and returned to the shredder for immediate shredding. Cameras are on 24/7 on the employees working to do the destruction. If they are caught looking at what they are shredding they are let go on the spot. More than one employee is with the shredder. No more dumpster diving.

Charlotte Kuhn

Charlotte Kuhn is a RIM specialist, presenter and educator in the area of Records Management for Inactive Records Storage. Her expertises are in, archival records, vital records, inactive record storage, personnel and medical files and secure shredding. She is a Lorman presenter on writing a records retention program for small businesses. Charlotte has a B.S. in education from the University of Missouri St. Louis with teacher certification and a CPS certification from IAAP.