Foreclosure Trends

Jhoana Cooper
January 7, 2009 — 1,832 views  
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Many people are worried given the aftermaths that the economic crisis could produce. They have every reason to be worried about their jobs and also about the possibility to pay their mortgages. Specialists have started to analyze foreclosure trends on a monthly basis, making lists of top cities and states.

Pennsylvania represents just one of the numerous examples that could be given. The truth is that the number of foreclosures is high in all of the United States. The worse was the month of November. Foreclosures have increased by a distressful percent and more homeowners are about to receive a notice in the following weeks. As for 2009, one can only hope that foreclosure trends will turn to a more positive road.

In Pennsylvania, November foreclosures reports failed to meet the expectations of specialists. The number of foreclosure filings remained the same as in October and September, while in many other states foreclosures seem to have decreased by a small percent. In November, the situation was different, as foreclosure trends followed the up-road in the state of Pennsylvania. Compared to 2007, the number of foreclosures has almost doubled.

And it's not just Pennsylvania where over 4000 properties are about to become foreclosures. Such filings have been encountered in California, Florida, Michigan, Colorado and Arizona. Negative foreclosure trends affected all of the United States, with Louisiana included. Here, like in many other states, homeowners were unable to pay their mortgages and they end up receiving a filing for foreclosure. Many of these loans have been taken by people who already had bad credit but needed the money for various reasons (e.g.: health expenses, building a home or settling an impending debt).

United States, like many other countries on the planet, is undergoing recession. The economic crisis could not have avoided the housing sector, the intensity of the financial stress being clearly reflected by current foreclosure trends. Homeowners are suffering from foreclosures filings and they are seeking desperate solutions to solve their financial problems. There are certain cities which are more affected by foreclosures, with Detroit, Phoenix, Las Vegas and Indianapolis among the top. California cities occupy several places on the list, just like Florida and Michigan.

When it comes to foreclosure trends, no one can be certain what 2009 is about to bring. Nationally, the number of foreclosures seems to have decreased during November. Taken state by state, foreclosures still remain high in certain states and homeowners still receive filings, such states exceeding the national average by far. On the other hand, there are some states where the situation seems to be improving and the number of foreclosures being brought down by a few percents. Time will tell whether such foreclosure trends are permanent or not.

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