The Simple Way of Communication: Wealth Creation Is In Your Words

Jen Blackert
November 17, 2008 — 1,606 views  
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Last week, one of my clients called me "Focahontas", because our work together has provided him clarity and focus to his vision. However, what I find that I really do is provide simple ways for us to focus and operate in business (and life).

Today's article is one of my simple way methods that you can use to leverage your time with more effective ways to communicate with your clients.

How are YOU communicating effectively? Not just in your marketing, branding and documentation, but in all ways that you use your words and the energy behind your words.

I tell my two year old all the time to "use her words". I'll tell you the same.

As I see it, there are five levels of communication to create greater wealth in your business and life.

Level 1: Mental Chatter: When we speak negatively to ourselves or when we are randomly fretting about the future or the past. This is the worst kind of communication. The energy of the words causes negative creation. You are creating things that you don't want and desire. You are also effecting others by not being present for them.

Level 2: Exchanging words: When we exchange words we are speaking and sharing nonsense. Some people call it "complaining", "chit chatting" others may call it "gossiping". Whatever form it comes in for example in person, email or phone you will know it when you feel drained of energy.

Level 3: Value-add: When we speak to add value we are connecting with others. These people are great as team players.

Level 4: Motivate: When we speak to motivate others, we become proactive with our lives and clear on how to lead others with our words.

Level 5: Inspire: When we speak to inspire others, we become driven by the heart and passionate about help others grow. The words in this article are designed to inspire change from within you.

How are YOU communicating effectively?


As a success mentor, I want to leave you with a few thoughts. 1. How can you improve your level of communication? 2. How can you become more aware of your level of communication?

This is your life. How can you love the life you lead - every moment of every day?

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