Why Have You Lost So Much Money in the Stock Market?

Mark Crisp
November 3, 2008 — 1,917 views  
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It's a fair question. Why have you lost money in 2008 in the stock market?

I am now great stock market predictor but what I do know for a fact is the major trend on the stock market turned down in February 2008. And I have rules about what to do in such circumstances that will at the VERY LEAST STOP YOU LOSING MONEY!

I do not care if you invest in Mutual Funds, 401k's, pensions, saving plans etc....the fact is they will all lose money in bear markets. UNLESS you set them up so they can go into cash or short stocks during bear markets. This is one of the biggest reasons I tell people to manage their own money. You are in control of it and YOU take complete responsibility for it. No-one cares more about your money than you.

OK..did you know that law requires most Mutual Funds, Investment Funds to remain 100% invested? No? Not many people do. So even if they see a prolonged bear market on the horizon they can't do anything but maybe juggle around a few holdings to buy stocks they think will go down the least. So you are paying fees and commissions to "professionals" who know you are about to lose money.

Enough preaching. We need to get down to what you can do to protect your investments n the future.

1) Manage your own money. It's really easy to do. I hear you say "I can't do it. It's too difficult to pick stocks". Listen. A 10 year child with proper money management rules can outperform the stock market. It's that easy. The key is to do the basics well. All explained in M.S.T.S.

2) You need to be able to recognize the major stock market cycles and trend with them. Got it? Trade with the cycle. No predicting. No top or bottom fishing. No gambling. No opnions. Close your ears and simply go with the flow. Go and buy leading stocks in a bull market and either keep in cash or learn how to short stocks in a bear market. Keep it simple.

3) Take small risks on each trade and I guarantee trading becomes so hands free, so stressless you will be amazed. Start taking big "bets" and see how stessful it becomes. DO NOT GAMBLE WITH YOUR SAVINGS.

4) Do not believe anything anyone tells you. Even me. Follow my simple rule to determine what market we are in and keep with it until it changes. There are so many "gurus" who love to talk about what "they think" the market or stock will do in the future. Yet I'd guess about 99% of then are wrong about 90% of the time. It's a complete farce. Often they have hidden agendas. Politicians,bankers, brokers will always try to paint a rosier picture than it really is.

5) Keep the faith. Throughout history we have been through many such cycles. Just when everyone thinks it is different this time. WHAM. The markets show us they are not. I guarantee we will come out of this cycle. When and from where I have no idea. But we will.

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