On-Demand Document Management: Five Tests to See if it’s Right for You

Christine Mason
September 11, 2006 — 1,611 views  
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Document Management, either as a stand-alone application or as part of a broader Enterprise Content Management initiative, is a powerful technology that can enable you to better control and leverage information assets.

A fully-integrated approach to document capture, retention and management is essential given your need to know – where content is located, who has access to it, who may change, copy, or delete it? And during legal discovery, can all of it be found and locked down?

Consider an on-demand solutions when:

  • Time to implementation matters.
  • You prefer cash outlays that are connected to and timed to coincide with the business benefits you receive.
  • You like the idea of no internal IT support requirements, and the ability to gain easy access to feature upgrades.
  • You require the most commonly requested document management functionality in an easy-to-configure, end-to-end solution.

Learn how these “Five Tests” can help you evaluate on-demand vs. on-premise software in managing your information assets.

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Christine Mason