SpringCM’s Order to Pay Solution Drives Increased Productivity

Christine Mason
January 25, 2008 — 1,435 views  
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From delivery of a purchase order, to receipt of an invoice for processing, through the payment and delivery of remittance — SpringCM document management solutions help you connect, automate, and optimize critical business processes. 

According to research from The Aberdeen Group, companies spend between $40 and $80 and take up to 90 days to reconcile and pay a single purchase order. Order to pay automation can reduce these costs to below $10 and reduce payment cycles by more than 70%.  

SpringCM’s Web based central repository allows you to securely store and manage documents, and the processes to which they belong. A variety of easy-to-use tools, accessible through a password-protected environment, facilitate your ability to:

 ·    Efficiently manage cumbersome accounts payable processes corporate wide

·    Successfully activate and collaborate with hundreds of suppliers

·    Accommodate the full range of corporate spend, order, invoice and payment types

·    Negotiate and capture early payment discounts across your supplier base

SpringCM is easy to set up and easy to deploy. Learn more about how SpringCM is creating opportunities for companies like yours. Or speak to an Associate to find out how SpringCM can meet your business needs >

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Christine Mason