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Bookstore: Tax-Exempt Organizations in Missouri

Tax-Exempt Organizations in Missouri

Holistic Overview of the Components in an ERM System; Internal Revenue Service Examination of Section 501(c)(3) Charitable Organizations; Best Practices - IRS Guidelines; Tax-Exempt Challenges and Issues; Deterring Fraud...

Bookstore: Tax-Exempt Organizations in Georgia

Tax-Exempt Organizations in Georgia

If Only You Were Exempt From Audit; Current Hot Benefits Issues in 403(b) Plans for Tax-Exempt Employers; Donor Intent Planning; Models for Sustainability and Social Enterprise; Nonprofit Dissolutions, Reorganizations...

Bookstore: Tax-Exempt Organizations in Hawaii

Tax-Exempt Organizations in Hawaii

Tax-exempt organizations are under increasing scrutiny - are you following the rules? Be prepared for the significant challenges looming for Hawaii's nonprofit community.

Bookstore: The New Form 990

The New Form 990

Navigate IRS Form 990 - learn about the critical issues every nonprofit needs to know. Walk through the IRS Form 990 and get the expert knowledge you need to file correctly.

Bookstore: Sales and Use Tax for Manufacturers

Sales and Use Tax for Manufacturers

Tax Collection and Reporting; Taxability of Services; Exemptions; Texas State Tax Controversies and Litigation Don't overlook essential tax exemptions - secure crucial tax strategies today!

Bookstore: Public Charities in Connecticut

Public Charities in Connecticut

Tax Exemption and Formation; Financial Statements; Hot Topics in Tax-Exempt Organizations; Form 990; Fiduciary Duty and Governance; Strategic Alliances and Reorganizations of Section 501(c)(3) Organizations Tax-exempt...

Bookstore: Tax-Exempt Organizations in New Hampshire

Tax-Exempt Organizations in New Hampshire

Lifecycle of New Hampshire Nonprofits; Obtaining and Maintaining Federal Tax-Exempt Status; Recent Developments in Tax Issues for Exempt Organizations; Update and Emerging Issues from the Director of Charitable Trusts;...

Bookstore: Developing, Managing and Analyzing a Budget in Illinois

Developing, Managing and Analyzing a Budget in Illinois

Proper planning and budgeting are the keys to success! Operating without a plan or budget is an invitation to fail. This concept holds for businesses - no matter how large or small - nonprofits and governments.

Bookstore: Form 990 in Maryland

Form 990 in Maryland

Skillfully maneuver through federal and state regulations - know the ins and outs of Form 990. Form 990 has been around for more than 50 years. Starting out as a simple two page form, it has now evolved into 12 pages,...

Bookstore: Tax-Exempt Organizations in D.C., Maryland and Virginia

Tax-Exempt Organizations in D.C., Maryland and Virginia

Overview of Tax-Exempt Status; Governance; Lobbying and Political Activity; Intermediate Sanctions (Auto Revocation); State and Local Tax Issues; Unrelated Business Income (Including Sponsorship Revenue); Retirement...

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