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Facebook® Success Strategies for Nonprofit Organizations

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Join us for your comprehensive guide to designing a successful Facebook® strategy from start to finish.Many nonprofits who are utilizing Facebook® to market campaigns often do not understand how to catch their target audience's attention in a way that will engage their audience, to like, comment, participate in polls, watch videos from beginning to end. They also do not understand how to take that engaged audience and motivate them into action - participating in the nonprofits campaign, thus propelling their nonprofit forward for continued success.
This information helps those responsible for a nonprofit's social media, in this case Facebook®, to understand how to establish a game plan, how to create and establish a working playbook, understanding the process required for establishing a successful strategy, and making adjustments accordingly for future repeatable successful campaigns. Failing to support one's nonprofit's mission and misjudging when and how much funds are spent on ads is one of the most common errors in nonprofit social media strategies; this leads to lost funds and missed opportunities for funding elsewhere. This information is designed to teach successful Facebook® strategies from start to finish.


Katie Miller, Liberty Family Outreach

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