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Massachusetts Accounts Payable Automation and Fulfillment

A bound 60 page manual
Copyright 2013
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Make the business case to automate accounts payable and fulfillment.

Organizations across the country are in search of safer, more efficient, and less costly ways of doing business. These reference materials outline a hands-on view of the process needed to evaluate, establish and maintain automated systems. Gain a deeper understanding about the benefits of automation, costs of developing this type of system, and the role it can play in increasing profitability. Help your business get on the road to reducing risk, eliminating manual work, streamlining processes and reducing expenses ... Order today!

Benefits for You
•Calculate cost savings with easy to follow tips
•Review features and benefits of eInvoices
•Compare the pros and cons of keeping the process in-house and outsourcing
•Discover ePayment solutions and innovations

Learning Objectives
•You will be able to identify accounts payable processing.
•You will be able to describe eInvoicing platforms.
•You will be able to review ePayment solutions.
•You will be able to discuss ePayment solution functionality.


Michael Dailey, Recordsforce, Inc.
Michael B. Johnson, Relyco

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