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Public Charities in Connecticut

Immediate online access to this 262 page manual.
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Tax-exempt organizations are under increasing scrutiny - are you following the rules?

Purchase these reference materials and stay abreast of the issues confronted by tax-exempt organizations. These reference materials will provide practical answers to important legal, accounting and tax issues facing public charities in Connecticut.

Purchase these reference materials today and get an inside look at how to respond to confusing issues confronting tax-exempt organizations today. Take advantage of this opportunity to make sure you stay current and stay out of trouble.

Benefits for You
•Learn about federal and state regulations you need to follow
•Gain an understanding of exempt organization accounting and tax reporting
•Discuss hot topics in tax-exempt organizations
•Learn how to handle nonprofit governance issues with confidence
•Find out what you need to know to keep your 501(c)(3) status when restructuring


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Susan E. Roberts, Robinson & Cole LLP
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