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Tax-Exempt Organizations in Hawaii

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Tax-exempt organizations are under increasing scrutiny - are you following the rules?

Be prepared for the significant challenges looming for Hawaii's nonprofit community. Organizations need to be ready for new requirements under the Affordable Healthcare Act, as well as enhanced IRS scrutiny of payroll and compensation. As organizations face a difficult economic environment, they should also be aware of federal and state tax consequences of generating revenue through mission-related and unrelated activities. These reference materials will address these and other legal challenges.

Benefits for You:
•Discussion of the impact of the Affordable Care Act
•Understanding "reasonable" compensation
•Proactive strategies for federal and state taxes
•Decoding the Form 990

Learning Objectives
•You will be able to describe best practices for nonprofit management.
•You will be able to discuss compensation, intermediate sanctions and prohibited transactions.
•You will be able to explain taxation of tax-exempt organizations.
•You will be able to review form 990 and other filing requirements.


Moderator: Trever K. Asam, Cades Schutte LLP
Jodene K. Arakaki, Cades Schutte LLP
Kawena S. Beaupre, Cades Schutte LLP
Paul M. Saito, Cades Schutte LLP